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Mission Statement

“The mission of the Bay Cities Surf Club is to promote and foster the sport of surfing, promote South Bay surf history, improve the public image of the surfing community, and support the conservation of the coastal environment.”

The Bay Cities Surf Club is dedicated to promoting excellence in our ocean and

community, preserving and respecting Bay Cities Surf Club’s past, protecting the

ocean and coastal environments for future generations, fostering a positive image

of surfers locally and globally through charity and competition, and supporting

South Bay youth for a brighter future”. Prospective members should evaluate their

interest and willingness to contribute to the Bay Cities Surf Club in order to fulfill

the spirit of the Club’s mission. Club membership is a privilege and the applicant

agrees to actively ensure the future of the Bay Cities Surf Club. Members

contribute in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: direct competition,

competitive support, event participation, event planning, fund raising, board and

committee participation, general meeting attendance, informed voting, and current

dues payment.

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