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Charter Members

Extended only to those who were members of the BCSC upon its conception, and/or identified by the overall consensus of ‘The Board’ to have been a part of the club in the 1960’s.

Regular Members

Member shall be a surfer who demonstrates a level of surfing ability warranting their admission. Per Corporate By-Laws, a regular member: “Is a BCSC member that has current paid dues and is in good standing with the BCSC. A General Member is afforded all benefits offered by the BCSC and may participate in all general membership votes. Members under 18 must have signed approval from a parent or legal guardian to join the BCSC.” Regular Members participate in club events, pay dues, and further the purpose for which the club was formed: “to promote and foster the sport of surfing, promote South Bay surf history, improve the public

image of the surfing community, and support the conservation of the coastal

environment.” As a Regular Member you may Sponsor new members to the club,

attend club meetings, vote on club matters, purchase and wear club clothing.

Charter Members

Steve Ellsworth

Mike Purpus

Sparky Hudson

Steve and Chrissy Schlickenmeyer

Charlie Quesnel

Steve Clark

Alf Laws

Mike Stevenson

John Baker

Richard "PeeWee" Crawford

David Nuuhiwa

Dru Harrison

Bobby Lonardo

Herbie Fletcher

Bobby Michel

Don Benson

Margo and Jerry Scotton

Josette  Largadere

Judy Carollo

David "Skelly" Souder

David Krumwiddie

Bob Batson

Billy Ray James

Hershal Mann

Mark Turner

Pail Murray

Raulo Marx

Moose Shumacker

Richie Short

Bobby Warcola

Regular Members

Tiger Makin

Jim Cubberly

Frankie Rodriqous

Paul Karrenjelo

Bill LIvingston

Bob Markland

Gail Yarbough

Steve Wilkings

Eddie Underwood

Willie Roberts

Leon Devoid

Suzi McCardle

Tom Griffiths

Marty Pearlman

Tim Gugilimoni


Honorary Members

Bob Butler

Tom Norman

Robin Meshler

Jody Lilly

Bruce and Kit Foyle

Don Craig

Tom "Wart" Craig

Greg Filtzer

Pete Briggs

Dickie Osborne

Randy Draper

Ken and Ron Rocky

Mark Kerwin

Philip Barnett

Pat Cahill

Adam Davenport

Melissa Davenport

Kevin Elliott

Kris Hall

Barry Hatchett

Kolby Holdsworth

Jiro Ikeda

Kip Jerger

Joey Lombardo

Jon Mangiagli

Mary Mills

Shawn O'Brien

Cormac O'Brien

Brett O'Keefe

Henry O'Keefe

Tucker O'Shia

Dave Paquin

Mike Purpus

Ian Ritter

Jake Satz

Michael Schmit

Brendan Simmons

Eddie Solt

Zack Stoller

Bobby Warchola

Lilian Whatley

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